The Manhattan Cooler: A summery version of a cocktail classic

Manhattan CoolerThis is a cocktail I came up with for a cocktail competition a few years ago, and has proved to be popular at every party I’ve served it at.  A riff on the 19th century recipe that lead to the contemporary Manhattan, I utilize Pama Liqueur in place of the original Orange Curacao, and a touch of Fernet Branca in place of the bitters. I find it works beautifully served over ice in a Collins glass garnished with some Marasca cherries (Luxardo brand is terrific) on a cocktail pick.

Manhattan Cooler

Shake all ingredients hard with ice and strain into an ice filled Collins glass. Skewer 3 Marasca cherries on a cocktail pick for garnish.


The Egg Sour

eggsEggs have been an integral ingredient in cocktails for at least the last two hundred years.  They add a silky frothiness, and body that a cocktail wouldn’t have otherwise.  The reason the egg was removed from many cocktails in the last few decades was from some bad publicity.  At some point in time it was stated that “eating raw eggs could lead to serious illness from salmonella.”

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No. 209 classic martini at Waterbar, San Francisco, California

A classic martini at the Waterfront Bar on the bay with the San Francisco Bay Bridge in the background.

I visited my friends and relatives in the San Francisco Bay Area over the holidays in November and December of 2014, and of the many restaurants and bars I frequented during my stay, one of my favorites turned out to be Waterbar on the bay almost underneath the San Francisco Bay Bridge.  As you can see from the photo, the views from just about everywhere in the bar and restaurant are spectacular.  I was impressed with the variety of spirits they have on hand, and since I was in San Francisco I had to have a classic martini (gin, vermouth, orange bitters) made with a gin distilled right there on the wharf, No. 209.  I had a number of them while I watched the light show on the bridge!

The car with a passenger seat bar

Glendale, California 1951 – Earl “Madman” Muntz begins production of what he calls the Muntz Jet, a re-branding of Frank Kurtis’s two seater sports car, the Kurtis Kraft Sport.  Muntz, a fixture in Southern California widely known for his ‘Madman’ persona and  flamboyant, groundbreaking television commercials, had started out selling used cars in 1934.

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